The Phoenix College Family

Many of our learners completed their education from grade 1 to grade 12 at Phoenix College and are now sending their children to Phoenix College.

Many of our learners are now studying overseas and one of our learners is a judge in a High Court of South Africa while many others are engineers, attorneys and educators.

The college provides a comfortable working environment for staff members and many have expressed their loyalty by remaining at Phoenix College for many years.

The role played by Phoenix College was acknowledged in 2010 when a photograph of our learners carrying South African flags was put on the cover of a birthday card sent to Madiba from the Johannesburg district of the municipal council. (Esther Dipale)

Many parents are engaged in the informal economic sector which limits the tuition fees that can be charged and the present economic crisis is affecting fees income. The revision of the National Norms and Standards for School Funding in order to cap the level of government subsidies to independent schools, is now placing further expenditure restrictions on independent schools,  leading to serious financial problems.

Looking at the future survival of Phoenix College, plans will have to be made to: 

  • Obtain sponsorship.
    • Enlarge the school.
    • Construction of a new school.
    • A Training College named PTI has been registered and we plan to open next year. 
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