What makes Phoenix College Great!

What makes Phoenix College Great!

Co- operative and Excellent Management

  • This is evidenced by a certificate for “Co-operative and Excellent Management” presented to Phoenix College by the Gauteng Department of Education, Gauteng South.
  • Total commitment to education as evidenced by the excellent academic results achieved.
  • The Director has an open- door policy which means that he is accessible to all parties.

Caring for children

  • The ‘World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child” was awarded to Phoenix College by a Swedish N.G.O. for the part played in re-uniting learners with their families in foreign countries.
  • Numerous testimonials have been received from parents.
  • Bursaries are awarded to eligible children.
  • Children who cannot get home are cared for.

Excellent Education

  • Phoenix College has achieved 100% pass rate since 200

Unique Educational Offerings

  • SETA and other skills training courses in areas such as Entrepreneurship and Project Management are offered to learners to widen their horizons and to push them forward in the queue for university entrance or obtaining jobs.

Technology Oriented School

  • Phoenix College is one of the few colleges to offer Information Technology, a subject covering the Delphi programming language (according to the Department of Education curriculum).

Other Distinguishing Features

  • Grade 9 and grade 12 learners are offered personality tests and have individual counseling on subject and employment choices.
  • Zero tolerance for drugs / alcohol.
  • Good discipline.