Last year, we were just left with a few weeks to compete in the Choral Competition, when the pandemic struck after some thorough preparations. A school without a choir is like a body without a soul, hence children at our school should have souls in their daily lives. 

Music offered by Phoenix



 Music improves the thinking skills, creativity, sociability amongst children and fosters smooth learning in other subjects. Music becomes a profession if one pursues it from childhood. From the classroom point of perspective, music embodies the 4c`s.

Critical Thinking

This clears the minds of children and help them to think logically and become more innovative.


Teaches children other avenues of expressing thoughts and feelings and touch other children`s hearts.


By being part of the choir, their different voices blend together beautifully and they learn not to be selfish and care about others.


Children learn to express their experiences and plan through music writing and singing, thus creating social values.

A child’s joy, passion and inspiration

Children will leave all their problems at the door steps of the music room and walk out refreshed, renewed and ready to think and work better in other fields of their learning areas, which is a value that goes beyond music itself.


Music is child`s passion, joy and inspiration With their voices and melody they discover whether they are (soprano, alto, tenor or bass). Music connects children and adults to the right hemisphere of the brain which is responsible for intuition, creativity, imagination and thus connects children`s thoughts to the world of possibilities. 


Many parents on parent`s meetings have shown that they really enjoy their children`s music.