Matric Rewrite Centre

Phoenix College runs a highly successful Matric-Rewrite Centre which is spearheaded by professional teachers with excellent management qualities.


Our Matric-Rewrite Centre gives students from other schools a chance to improve their marks in a friendly school environment. Phoenix College fulltime school has achieved 100% Matric pass rate since 2008. Many learners who failed Matric were able to realise their dreams of studying at institutions of higher learning as a result of them enrolling at our Matric Re-write Centre.


With our focus being on the best interests of the students, we offer a variety of subjects to choose from at an affordable price. Whether you have got an incomplete certificate or you want to improve or upgrade your Matric results to qualify at institutions of higher education, we have the right program to steer you in the right direction.


Classes start on the first Monday of February each year depending on lockdown restrictions. The academic year starts in February and ends in October of the same year. Students do not put on school uniform although they attend classes daily.

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