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As has been stated by wise men of the past, ” A tree can be judged by its fruits”. The fruits of our tree are the incomparable Top Achievements that we have attained and will live with us forever.

2022 applications are now open

Year Plan 2022 – Term Three

Our Achievements Speak Volumes


100% Matric pass rate since 2008


Chess Champions Johannesburg High Schools


Top school in Athletics (primary)

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Matric re-write centre

Phoenix College runs a highly successful Matric-Rewrite Centre which is spearheaded by professional teachers with excellent management qualities.

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100% Pass Rate
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Since 2008 Phoenix College has been a consistent performer as a top achieving school in the South Gauteng District.

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Our Vision
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To be one of the best schools in the country in order to deliver the category of graduates that can fill top positions in the new South Africa.

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Our Mission
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To provide the broadest possible education that is not catered for in the national curriculum but is a requirement for success.​

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