A group of learners from Phoenix College of Johannesburg have made history by being the first group of leaners to be selected to go on a 3-month tour in Europe (September to November). The drama group will be demonstrating their superior performance skill in several countries in Europe.

The judges were impressed by excellent performance as well as the effective manner in which they demonstrated the message. The theme for this year was chosen by the United Nations, based on social development goals 15/16 (SDG 15/16). It was about combating violence against women and children. It also tackled child labour, the play luminates the existence of these issues and also provides alternative methods of assisting people on how to deal with one of the crucial issues of our times.

Phoenix college is very proud of this group and extends its congratulations to those who have been chosen to conduct this very important task. We are proud of the workshops and performances they are carrying out in Europe.

We also congratulate the group for being appointed the ambassadors of two of the biggest teams in Hamburg, Germany i.e., Hamburg SV and FC St Pauli -the goal is to spread the message of sports, unity, love, and peace internationally.

The school would like to thank Mr. Frank Sithole, Mr. Brian Phakati, KinderKutturkarawane and Germany Embassy for facilitating this tour.