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In the years preceding 2020, the PHOENIX DRAMA GROUP participated in the Outreach foundation annual High school drama festival. During this time the group won the following awards: Best ensemble, Best Actor and Actress, Best supporting Actor in a lead role, Best Script, Best technical and The Spirit of the festival special award.


In 2020, the Drama group was invited to tour Europe (Austria.Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Slovenia).This tour was organised by MUKA PROJECT SA in partnership with KINDERKUTURKARAWANE in Germany. The tour is sponsored by United Nations social development programme as it promotes the Social Development Goals (SDG13, targeting child abuse; children’s rights and human trafficking. However the tour was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID pandemic.


The group has established partner schools with the partner countries that are supposed to be toured and throughout the lockdown maintained virtual online workshops. These workshops deal with cultural exchange dance and drama focussing on the SDG13 goals. It is The PHOENIX DRAMA GROUP which is in charge of conducting these workshops and so far has conducted up to 36 workshops with our European counterparts. Below are pictures of the group conducting a virtual workshop with learners from Slovenia.



A full video of the Drama group’s theatre play was invited in Bulgaria and was filmed and sent to the partners in Europe. The video is currently being translated to different international languages. It will be converted to Blue ray and later will be played in cinemas in the foreseeable future. 


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