Phoenix College

About Phoenix College

100% Pass Rate

Since 2008 Phoenix College has been a consistent performer as a top achieving school in the South Gauteng District.

Our Vision

To be one of the best schools in the country in order to deliver the category of graduates that can fill top positions in the new South Africa.

Our Mission

To provide the broadest possible education that is not catered for in the national curriculum but is a requirement for success.

Our History

During December 1993, a lonely Engineer that had been retrenched was sitting on a box in a De Villiers St, hopefully handing out pamphlets and dreaming about the school that he hoped to open the following year. There were no learners, no teachers and he wondered whether it would ever become a reality.

Using his pension money, he was able to put down a deposit on a building and as chairs and desks were not available when the school opened in January with 8 staff members and 100 learners, these items were hired from an events company. At the same time that the new Rainbow Nation was being formed in 1994, a new school needed a name. In Greek mythology, the Phoenix bird died in a fire but not before leaving behind 2 eggs that hatched, resulting in two baby birds. This has become a symbol of new life. With the new dispensation in mind, the school was aptly named Phoenix College.

Unique Educational Offerings

SETA and other skills training courses in areas such as Entrepreneurship and Project Management are offered to learners to widen their horizons and to push them forward in the queue for university entrance or obtaining jobs.

Computer / Mathematics lessons are offered to learners from public schools on Saturday mornings for R16-00 per 1 hour lesson.


Certificate presented to Phoenix College by the
Gauteng Department of Education, Gauteng South.

Support Phoenix

An independent school such as Phoenix College is paid a far lesser amount than a public school whilst the funding norms dictate that it must obtain results that are better than those obtained by public schools in order to obtain the government subsidy. 


Please consider supporting the continued excellence of Phoenix.